Finally, I have put together a recipe index for you! I have also included some of my notes next to these recipes to help you find what fits your nutritional needs best. I hope you like this, and I'm always eager to hear your feedback!

Chewy chocolate choco chip cookies (Grain/dairy-free)

Banana Bread - Almond flour base. Grain/sugar/dairy-free.

Banana Bread - Oat flour base.  Grain/sugar/dairy-free.

Biscotti - Gluten/sugar/dairy-free.

Brownie - single serving. Grain/sugar/dairy-free.

Cacao Chip Meal Replacement bars - Gluten/sugar/dairy-free.

Carrot Cakesters - Gluten/sugar/dairy-free.

Chewy chocolate choco chip cookies - Grain/sugar/dairy-free.

Chipotle's Beef Barbacoa - This will redirect you to my recipe on EliteFTS.  

Cookie Dough Ice Cream - Gluten/dairy-free.

Cookie Dough Balls - Gluten/dairy-free.

Peanut butter and Jelly Muffins - Gluten/sugar/dairy-free.

Peanut butter chocolate crispies - Grain/dairy-free.

Protein brownies (Jamie Eason's recipe) - Gluten/sugar/dairy-free.

Protein Ice Cream - Grain/sugar/dairy-free

Protein Scones - Gluten/sugar/dairy-free

Pumpkin panckes - Gluten/sugar/dairy-free

Pumpkin Muffins - Gluten/sugar/dairy-free

Pumpkin Pie Muffins - Gluten/sugar/dairy/nut/egg-free

Spice Cakes - Gluten/sugar/dairy-free

Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes - Grain/sugar/dairy-free

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