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Precision Nutrition
Nutrition and education

Carter Schoffer:
Body Transformation and my nutrition coach

Michael Keck
Nutrition & training coaching, faith, philanthropy and my husband

Alli McKee:
fitness, motivation and Figure competitions: website and YouTube

Nia Shanks:
fitness, powerlifting and Beautiful Badassedness: website and YouTube

Marianne Kane:
fitness, kettlebells and home workouts: website and YouTube

Neghar Fonooni:
fitness, kettlebells and motivation: website and YouTube

Julia Ladewski:
fitness, powerlifting and motherhood: website and YouTube

Molly Galbraith:
fitness, corrective work and powerlifting: website and YouTube

 Stacey Schaedler:
fitness, yoga and Figure competitions: website 

Kellie Davis:
fitness, motherhood and Figure competitions: website 

Elsbest Vaino:
fitness forum and education: website 

Rachel Guy:
fitness, MMA and Bikini competitions: website 

Ben Bruno :
strength training and weekly video compilations: website and YouTube

Jen Sinkler:
Suvival of the Fittest, and Senior Fitness Editor of Experience Life Magazine

Karen McDowell Smith:
RKC Team Leader and owner of Kettlebell Elite