Consultations & Testimonials

Both myself and my husband provide customized online nutrition coaching and training programs. We limit our services to a small handful of clients that are motivated and passionate about reaching their goals.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to ensure excellent health in our clients. We pride ourselves on programming with integrity and we'll never compromise a client's health to get them to their goals.

We work with people that are looking to enhance their health, improve their self-confidence, and change their body composition. We also prep physique athletes and performance athletes for competition. 

If you are interested, please contact me , however due to the volume of email I receive please limit your initial email to 5 - 8 sentences. 


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The following testimonials, info and pictures are from a few of our clients that have given us their blessing to share with you. We are also happy to provide emails from both current and past clients for you to contact as well. 

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"My body fat? Droppin like it's hot. 
Jen was adamant that we not focus on the scale - and it even got to the point where I hoped to see the same number each week because my circumference measurements and skin fold measurements dropped consistently every single time.  This meant I was adding muscle as fast as I was losing fat - AMAZING.  My strength improved tremendously and my ability to perform body weight movements (chins, dips, and push-ups) increased at an alarming rate.   In the end, I lined up all my progress pictures and I was absolutely dumbfounded with the results.  I hadn't seen it each week, but i was absolutely giddy to see the progress.  I lost 2.4% body fat, increased my max bench by 30lbs and hit a dead lift PR.  The scale reflected only a 2.5lb "weight loss" obtained within the last 2 weeks of our plan, but every single pair of jeans I owned suffered from saggy crotch." - EC

* * * * *
Jen is an amazing coach! She taught me a lot about nutrition and through this I was able to learn a lot about myself.  It was so easy to communicate with her over email and she was quick to answer all my questions and offer advice (even if it wasn’t related to nutrition).  I had the opportunity to work with her for a 6 month period and the results were incredible and extended well beyond just improvements in my physical appearance but also to improvements in my performance and health.  I had been strength training for about a year prior to reaching out to Jen and was discouraged because although I had made improvements over the year in terms of strength, I felt I didn’t “look the part”.  Whenever I attempted to “diet” I wouldn’t eat enough and would lose my strength.  I knew which foods were good and which I should avoid but I didn’t know what proper meals and portions looked like (sounds silly, I know).  Jen’s plan was so simple to follow and I was always full so I didn’t even need the cheat meal.  I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel and perform.  Since starting with Jen my body composition has changed.  In addition to losing weight / inches, I have been able to hit numerous PRs in the gym and I have noticed a improvement in my skin.  I have received tons of compliments on my appearance and how athletic I look.  Thank you Jen teaching me great habits and for helping me finally “look the part!” - K.H. 

* * * * * 

"I started to use Jen's expertise in nutrition when I realised I was not making the strength gains I was looking  to achieve. Jen immediately got me on a nutritional plan that was easy to follow and within weeks I was making progress in both my training and physique. Jen has enabled me to put in place a nutritional plan that works so easily with my lifestyle. I cannot thank her enough for  the continued support. Despite the time difference between us, Jen was always quick to respond to any query, no matter how silly it was.
If you're looking for someone to help push you forwards in achieving your goals then look no further. Thanks Jen" - Becky 

* * * * *

"With 7 more lbs until I hit my goal weight, I'm ecstatic and cannot thank you enough.  This past year has been a doozy, and I NEVER thought I'd be where I am today.  I have completed two 5K's and this year already signed up for a 31 story stair climb with full firefighter turnout gear, a Spartan Race and another Warrior Dash and of course trying for CPAT!!!   Once again Thank you!!!!" - email from Kori

* * * * *

"I cannot believe that it has already been 24 weeks total since I've started working with you!! I have never felt so strong and in control of my body in my life!! I hope you know how much I appreciate the positive influence you have been in my life - not only through the nutrition consultations, but also through your blog posts. I can honestly say that I have been blown away by how awesome it feels to fuel your body properly. And I feel so so so strong!!! I love it!!!!!

Here's the final report, measurements and pics!! I love seeing the progress .. but most importantly love how I FEEL!!" - email from Aura

* * * * *

Congratulations to Michael's client Amber on taking 1st place and winning Overall in May 2012 in Fitness, and going on to win her IFBB Pro Card in July 2012!

* * * * * 

Brittney competed this past weekend in her first Figure show at her local University. With only 12 weeks to work with, she absolutely killed it. Brittney was continually optimistic and had a great attitude, and I'm convinced that this factored heavily into her transformation. Congratulations!

* * * * *

On the left: nutrition client Jenny Glavan about 6 weeks out from her show in Culver City 2011.
On the right: Showtime, and looking stunning!

 * * * * *

"I reached out to Jen after reading her blog and following Girls Gone Strong. I'm not an athlete just an average lady trying to take my training and body to the next level. I live in Sydney Australia but that is not an issue because Jen has been prompt in answering all my questions. I'm very happy that my program is individual. Jen has incorporated activities that I really enjoy like pole dancing and zumba. Another aspect that has impressed me is the focus on overall health and not only fat loss. My program doesn't include any gimmicky supplements and the focus is good wholesome food. In this short time I have become stronger, my measurements have decreased and my energy levels are fantastic considering my goal is fat loss." - Beatriz

* * * * *

 "Words can not express how thankful I am for Jen. When I first emailed Jen about possibly being my diet coach, I was in a very low, bad place. Food had become an enemy and I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. 

I had worked with another diet coach prior to Jen. While I got amazing results, dropping down to 15%body fat and 135lbs, I was so unhealthy. Loosing my hair, feeling like I could fall asleep at any moment, freezing cold, and not being myself are just a few of the things that I experienced. Thanks to this starvation diet, I immediately jumped back up to 170lbs.

I am so thankful for Jen. She has helped me in so many different ways. The main thing that is different from Jen and my previous coach is, Jen is genuine and actually cares about her clients. Her diets are so much more realistic and something that I could definitely do long term. 

I, also, have Jen writing out my training program. I absolutely LOVE it! I have enjoyed every single training session.

At the beginning and still to this day, I have struggled with food. I deviated away from the plan many times. Thanks to Jen for sticking with me and never giving up on me, I am slowly getting the results I should have gotten long time ago. 

I owe so much to Jen. I feel so healthy and back to myself again!" - Memrie

* * * * *

 "I really have enjoyed having a nutrition coach!  The best part is having you be responsible for my diet...I just have to follow the instructions.  I don't have to over think what I should or shouldn't eat.
I went shopping for a new dress yesterday, for a wedding in Florida this weekend. I loved everything I tried on! I could have walked out of Nordstrom with 13 different dresses! I had to keep asking the sales associate for dresses in the next size down, since I'm overestimating my dress size. Plus, I noticed that my slacks that I wear for work are basically a size too big now." - Nicole

* * * * *

"In 2007, I tipped the scale at 260 lbs.  I remember my moment of epiphany was in the shower as I held on to the walls because I was dizzy and out of breathe.  I decided that enough was enough, and I signed up for a gym membership, and I started eating well by watching portion sizes.  A few months into my “new life”, I took a body pump class taught by Jen.  I remember seeing her in several other classes before, and I immediately gravitated to her positive energy.  I didn’t even have the courage to introduce myself to her until months after taking my first class with her!  All I remember was being completely intrigued by her tenacious fitness sense and genuine kindness- she became one of the biggest reasons why I kept pushing myself to work harder.  

After about two years of trying to cardio myself to death and watching calories, I plateaued. After not being able to get back into high gear from the plateau, I called it quits.  To make a long story short, I gained back about 40 lbs.  After a harsh realization that I needed to lose it all again, I went back to calorie watching and working out.  I ended up losing the 35lbs again, but I didn’t feel right.  I still didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. 

During the time when I gained back the 35lbs, I hadn’t spoken or seen Jen in a while as I was barely at the gym.  We finally did get back in touch, and she began to instill in me the importance and beauty of strength training.  I began reading her blogs and reaching out to her for advice.  She was passionately adamant about incorporating strength training and eating wholesome foods.  I didn’t want to at first because I thought that lifting weights would be counterproductive to my “weight loss”, but I realized shortly after I picked up my first set of weights that she just did me the biggest favor!  I fell in love with deadlifts and squats.  I was having fun training!  But, like in a lot of things – I still had that sense of something’s missing…

I was desperately trying to eat well (my definition of “well” back then = barely anything) and strength training, but I just wasn’t feeling up to par.  I was extremely tired, irritable and always cold.  A year or so passes, and I enlist in Jen’s help again – but this time with nutrition.

She was so patient with me.  Jen pinpointed my problem – I was barely eating 900 calories a day, and I had caused quite a bit of metabolic damage to myself.  Jen gave me realistic options and advised me that she would be more than happy to try to turn things around.  She was very straight forward in regards to the initial progress I would make as I needed to undo several months of under eating.  But she assured me from the very beginning that she would be there for me and with me every step of the way.

I can’t even begin to tell you how great I feel.  Both my fiancĂ© and me are on Jen’s prescribed nutrition plan, and we feel and look better after just a few short weeks.  At one point, we took a week off on travel, and we felt absolutely horrible. We knew then that the wholesome foods that we’ve been consuming have made the world of a difference!  We’ve both lost inches and body fat!  Our training sessions are beyond great!  My fiancĂ© recently just reached a personal best on his lifts, and I’m almost surpassed mine as well!  But the best of all?  We’re doing this together, and we’ve learned a lot about each other in the process.  It has helped us grow as a couple, and we are even that much more crazy about each other! 

Jen is a stellar coach.  She is supportive, unassuming, non-intrusive and extremely encouraging. She truly cares about her clients, and she doesn’t treat us like numbers.  She walks the walk and leads by example. When we have any questions, she’s in touch in a matter of no time.  We absolutely cannot wait to see our continued progress under Jen’s guidance.  Thank you Jen for all your care, hard work, diligence, support and friendship!" 
- Kristal 

* * * * *

Jen Comas-Keck was an amazing nutrition coach. Not only was her knowledge base incredibly impressive, but she was able to provide me with a meal plan that fit my specific tastes, GI needs and schedule. She was incredibly supportive regardless of what road bumps I hit. I would recommend her services to anyone who is serious about being healthy! 
- Sarah

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