Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today We Have a Choice


I am responsible for my actions. 

I choose to keep my goals in mind. 

Today I will step forward rather than backwards. 

I will continue to work on developing new healthy habits which will replace old unhealthy habits. 

I will take things one step at a time, one meal at a time, and one training session at a time, focusing on what my body is capable of today, in this moment.
I strive for progress; not perfection. 

I choose to indulge only in my scheduled off-plan meal(s). 

I choose to fuel my body with nutrient dense foods that are conducive with attaining my goals and enhancing my overall well being. 

I choose to give today’s training session my all, knowing that I, and nobody else, am solely responsible for my success. 

I hold myself accountable for my actions and also lack thereof. 

I choose to be an excellent example. 

Today I trust the process and ignore all of the outside noise. 

Tonight I will have the luxury of going to bed with satisfaction, because I feel good about my actions. 

Today I choose to work hard and make shit happen. 

If I opt to make bad decisions, there will be no guilt or regret; only consequences

Bottom line? We don't "have" to do anything. We don't have to eat clean, exercise, or take care of ourselves; everything we do boils down to a simple choice, which, in turn, paves one more stone onto the path of our future

Remember: How our body looks, feels, and performs tomorrow is directly proportional to the choices that we make today.

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  1. Just brilliant. I am saving this to my laptop for when I need a little gentle push in the right direction.

    With thanks and appreciation.

    Cathi x

  2. Terrific post. I am new to my fitness journey, so posts like this one really help create a solid mental platform. Thank you.